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The Law Office of Todd T. Cardiff is dedicated to helping environmental groups, community groups and individuals weave their way through the complicated world of land use, governmental law, homeowners’ association disputes, contracts and litigation. Give me a call to discuss how to protect your community, your assets, and your rights.

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Client Testimonials

“Todd is a warm personable legal warrior with a passion and dedication to protecting people and the environment.

Todd had the legal knowledge and the experience we needed and was our first choice for representation in a California Environmental Quality Act lawsuit against a Los Angles County Final Environmental Report for a Community Standards District.

As the smallest group in what became a consolidated filing, the CCSC and residents were fortunate to have Todd’s guidance through a grueling two-and-a-half-year settlement battle that with his negotiating prowess resulted in additional concessions being agreed to by the other sides.

Todd should be your first choice for legal representation.”

Paul Ferrazzi / Executive Director of Citizens Coalition for a Safe Community

Todd is an excellent attorney and human being. His legal knowledge and many years of experience working on Environmental Law made a big difference in my case. 

If I need advise or ever need to hire his services again, Todd would be my first choice.

Mark Jance / Client

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